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Even before costarring with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in Warner Brothers’ Memorial Day comedy BLENDED, 11-year old Kyle Silverstein was a film and television veteran. Probably best know for his portrayal of Ethan Dawson on GREY’S ANATOMY, Kyle’s many other credits include Happy Endings, From the Shadows, Cold Case, and his breakthrough role as Jona on House.

Kyle began his career at age two, when he landed a job with BabyStyle magazine, and has appeared in more than twenty commercials for Apple Computer, Eggo Waffles, McDonalds, Volkswagen and numerous others.

Kyle lives in Los Angeles, California, with his parents, his sister Lily, and his dogs Bob Marley and Buster. Besides achieving a perfect score on the California State Standards Test in math, his interests include soccer, boogie boarding, playing guitar and clarinet, and hanging out with his friends.

Since shooting BLENDED, Kyle now has a new passion. While on location with the movie in South Africa, Kyle and the other cast members got to go on safari, and learned about the many species being threatened by poachers and the environment. Kyle now supports the Los Angeles Zoo Keepers Association and will participate in their annual “Bowling for Rhinos” event this May, which raises money to protect endangered African rhinos.  

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